Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition
Twentieth Anniversary Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition
Catherine Hoskinson, Tree and Sky.
Catherine Hoskinson, Tree and Sky.
Catherine Hoskinson, Tree and Sky.
Catherine Hoskinson, Tree and Sky.Catherine Hoskinson, Tree and Sky.

Tree and Sky

Aluminum cut and painted

8' x 1'6" x 2'

Cathrin Hoskinson
Brooklyn, NY

22nd Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition (2008-2009)

Artist's Comments

"Trees and sky" could as easily be titled Veins and branches, Hands and leaves, Shadow and wind.I think of the sculpture as a poem, which exists at the intersection of several lines of thought. It is the color of the summer evening sky, when trees become silhouettes. The drawing is a linear pattern of the nervous system, branches, or wings. It touches the ground like a thorn or dancer, and is made of a thin industrial material, cut and ground into an organic form. The overlay of metaphors becomes an idea of the self in its surroundings.

My work often combines the experience of landscape with its memory in the body, either as a parallel structure or emotional place. I have based abstracted forms on birds, insects, seeds, and effects of water, and combined ideas about the essence of natural forces with parts of the body or gesture. The work is thought about while wandering through the forest with my dog, and develops through the life of the studio. In tracing similarities of inside and outside, I feel I am deciphering a code about being in the world.
Cathrin Hoskinson

About the Artist

Cathrin Hoskinson received her MFA from Hunter College in New York and also studied at Concordia University in Montreal and SUNY Purchase. Originally a native of Vancouver, Canada, she now divides her time between the countryside of Accord, NY and Lower Manhattan. She worked for many years as a wax technician and mold maker at Argos Foundry in Brewster, where she was able to develop practical skills in metal work.Her sculpture, paintings and drawings have been exhibited in many locations around New York, including the Neuberger Museum, The Studio in Armonk, the Katonah Museum and the Drawing Center.

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