Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition
Twentieth Anniversary Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition
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20' x 6' x 8'

Jon Howson
Berea, KY

23rd Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition (2009-2010)

Part of the Downtown Boone Development Association (DBDA) Public Art Program

Images at left from a previous installation.

Artist's Comments

I am proud to be a sculptor. I have been an artist my entire life but discovered in college that sculpture was my passion. I create “non-objective” sculptures with the goal of combining organic and geometric forms to create dichotomy and to suggest a sense of kinesthetic energy. I believe that the viewer should let the title of the sculpture suggest the direction the artist is taking, then interpret what the piece means to them. The piece exhibited in this show is called “Ascension” and it was created as a tribute to my twin brother who passed away. At the end of life I believe we all “ascend” into a new place and this sculpture is my interpretation of that journey.
Jon Howson

About the Artist

Jon Howson is an artist whose day job is teaching art to middle-school students in Richmond, Kentucky. Jon has been living in Berea, Kentucky with his wife and two children since 1999. Jon was born in Somerset, Kentucky and earned his bachelors in Art Education from Berea College in 1980, his Masters in Education in 1998 from the University of Southern Maine and his Rank I from Eastern Kentucky University in 2003. Jon has had the pleasure of exhibiting his sculptures in numerous shows in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Maine.